Pure Henna Powder
Strong dye for skin and hair.

100% Henna powder

2oz packet

Henna Recipe for Body Art:
¼ cup henna (½ packet)

1.5 teaspoons sugar

1.5 teaspoons essential oil: Tea Tree or Lavender

Warm (but not hot) water

Mix henna with sugar and essential oil. Add in water gradually until a toothpaste-thick consistency is achieved. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let henna rest for a minimum of 2 and up to 24 hours.

Put henna in rolled cones or applicator bottles to draw designs. Let henna dry, and gently dab a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on the dry henna design. Let dry again. For darkest stain leave henna on overnight before peeling off.

Henna for Hair:
Mix henna powder with warm, but not hot, water until a thick paste is formed. Work through hair making sure each section is covered down to the rootes. Wrap hair with plastic wrap then a scarf or towel to help keep the head warm. Leave henna for a minimum of 2 hours for a lighter application, or up to 6 for a darker application.

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