"I love Morcco" Fezi Hand-Embroidered Onsie

long-sleeved, size 3-6 months

Enjoy beautiful and unique designs while also supporting artisans practicing a traditional craft.

Each item has been hand embroidered by a Moroccan artisan we work with directly. We are providing new markets for this unique art.

The base bodysuit is Laughing Giraffe brand. They are 100% cotton interlock knit. The weight measurements for "3-6 months" are 10-16 lbs.

Show your love for Morocco with this one of a kind onsie. The fezi pattern on the heart was embroidered by our artisan in Morocco. The lettering was hand embroidered in the U.S. by us.

Please also inquire about custom orders.

More About Fezi Embroidery:
Fezi embroidery is a traditional Moroccan style embroidery originating from Fez, Morocco. It is a challenging craft to learn and takes years to master. Each piece of the motif is passed over by thread multiple times in a prescribed sequence. There is no drawn pattern the artisan follows, instead they rely on memorization.

High quality fezi embroidery is double sided and durable, it will withstand washing in regular use. This makes it ideal for decorating practical items that see a lot of wear. As we have heard from multiple artisans, “The fabric will deteriorate before our embroidery will.” And true to our experience, fezi embroidery has stood up to regular wear and washing in our own personal collection.

About our Artisan:
The pieces in this listing were all embroidered by Fatima. We have a long working relationship and friendship with Fatima. She is a strong woman with a great sense of humor. She is dedicated to taking care of her immediate and extended family primarily through her artisan work. She makes tight, high quality embroidery that we have been enjoying over the years in our own home. We hope you will too!

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